Snack and our "Healthy Body" Initiative
The rate of childhood obesity in the United States is reaching our preschool students at an alarming rate.  Recently the American Heart Association reported that more than 10% of our children between the ages of 2 to 5 are overweight.  Nazareth Montessori Children's Center believes that education is the key to rectifying this problem in our children.  Eating a proper diet is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Habits and attitudes about diet are formed during the preschool years.  Research has shown that these habits will continue through life if they have been learned at an early age.  Our goal is to promote a "Healthy Body" Initiative.

Snack is provided to our children in the morning and afternoon each day.  We believe that promoting the benefits of a healthy diet, practicing eating foods that will nourish and enrich our bodies, and learning about the food groups will open up a new world to our students.  This initiative will lead our preschoolers to the benefits of a healthy body.  Our teachers will discuss good nutrition with the children.  The children will be able to eat nutritious foods and become aware of how these foods then affect their bodies.  They will eat foods they may not have tried before.  They will sample foods that are native to other countries and learn about how foods are grown and manufactured.  They will also learn about other cultures during this "Healthy Body" Initiative.

Nazareth Montessori Children's Center faces the daunting process of educating our young children in a society where many turn to fast food as a quick fix to the mealtime routine.  Our chidren are bombarded daily with radio and television advertisements, cartoons, and all sorts of promotional materials that reinforce the notion of eating quickly in a fast paced world.  We believe that a "Healthy Body" Initiative will encourage a lifestyle where the children will educate their parents and others with the knowledge they
have gained through their experiences in eating healthy foods.



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