How is Nazareth Montessori Children's Center different from other preschools?
     Nazareth Montessori Children's Center offers the "Whole Child" approach to learning.  Our primary goal is to help each child reach full potential in all areas of life.  We offer an academic education, but also provide learning experiences that develop social skills, physical coordination and emotional growth.  We believe that a Montessori education is a partnership between the family and school in supporting each child.
     Our preschool consists of children between the ages of 2.6 years through kindergarten who work within our family-like environment.  This environment fosters independence, order, the ability to focus, independence and an active role in their own learning.  the children use manipulative materials specifically designed for their developmental needs, and are encouraged by their own abilities and growth.  Language experiences are encouraged and children learn how to work with others in a peaceful, respectful environment.  There is a sense of community and self-esteem is strengthened.
     The adult plays an unobtrusive role in our classroom.  the children are not motivated by the teacher, but by the need for self-development.  Children learn through their own errors to make the correct decision versus having the teacher point it out to them.  They develop an "I can do it" attitude that will ensure their future successes in all aspects of their life.



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